Among the Innocent Hint Book – Act I Part 2

Outside the cabin

Can you give me an idea of what I should do first?


Getting inside the barn

The barn door is locked, let me guess..?


At the treehouse

I really want to go into the treehouse, but there’s a contraption in my way!


At the windmill

I’ve fiddled with some valves and taps, but can’t make any sense of this place. What am I even doing here?


How do I get the key out of the water reservoir?


I tried to walk up the other path, by a large pile of boulders, but the path is blocked!

Inside the barn

What should I look out for in the barn?


At the boat house

Right, let’s talk about this machine…


Thanks, that was super helpful. But seriously how do I fix this thing?


Okay geez, it’s fixed, but the damn thing still won’t start!

At the bike wreck

I know that I need to get the fuel out of the bike’s tank, but where do I put it?


I’ve put the jerry can in place by the bike, but nothing is happening!


Pete tells me that he’s too puny to remove the motorcycle battery with his bare hands. Come on!


Back in the cabin

I got back inside the cabin!


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